Monday, 22 October 2007

Lyn Campbell Keeps on Providing Pleasure

Sadly, Whangarei and Nelson glass artist Lyn Campbell died in 2005. She began her training at Northland Polytechnic under Keith Mahy in 1989, graduating in 1992. After working at Sunbeam for a couple of years, she set up her own studio in Nelson in 1995. She moved back to Whangarei in 1998, but illness kept her from working for quite a period. She was just beginning to recover and to work again, when she died on 7 May 2005. Her work is still to be found, increasingly rarely in galleries, and on TradeMe. The tall 'scent bottle' to the right was made in 2002, while the goblet at left was made in 1996. The beaker below, made in 1992, was from an early exhibition at the defunct 'Stanley St Gallery' in Auckland.