Thursday, 17 January 2013

Avalon postscript - a New Zealand glass Film Star

In my last post I talked about the history of Avalon Glass, based largely on the account of it by one of the founders, Greg Smith.  Greg has provided a few corrections and clarifications of the roles of some of those involved, which is much appreciated. But he has also provided an update on what he is doing now.  Not currently making glass, he has been pursuing his career as an actor, and is about to be seen in New Zealand cinemas in the new release Mt Zion (in NZ cinemas from 6 February 2013).

Greg may be seen in the trailer which features on YouTube at, and the screen captures shown here are drawn from there. Greg plays a promoter who auditions the wannabe Bob Marleys who are the centrepiece of the story - 'some sort of welcoming party for Captain Cook and his Endeavours' is a memorable line.

I know little about the film other than I have seen in the trailer, but you may be sure I'll be going to see it, and not just to see this early NZ glass artist in his new role - it looks like a great movie.