Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Easter Egg Head by Tony Kuepfer

My latest TradeMe purchase is a paper weight made by Tony Kuepfer - it is signed AWK, though not dated.  I have a number of paper weights Tony made, but this one is unusual in that it has the form and features of a head.  I asked Tony about it, and he told me that whilst he can't remember the exact year, one Easter in the early 1980s he made 6 or 8 of these, which he called 'Easter egg heads'.  The glass is deep blue, with the 'hair' made with the silver chloride colouration Tony liked to use around that period.


Other paper weights Tony made at this time include these three.  The one on the right is signed AWK NZ '79, the one at left is signed AWK '79 NZ, while the rather splendid larger one at the bottom is signed AWK '80