Sunday, 27 May 2007

Tony Kuepfer sculpture - a major acquisition

I've been really pleased to be able to buy a major sculpture, made by Tony Kuepfer in 1983. Tony exhibited at the Canterbury Society of Arts, and decided to create a show of figure sculptures - 'I surprised them in Christchurch that year when there were 16 of these and not a goblet in sight', he has told me. One of these pieces, 'Violetta' was purchased by the then McDougall Art Gallery in Christchurch - you can see it at

'Violetta' has 'legs' a third piece below the body, while 'Grandmother' is compete with just body and head. She is 50cm high, and 30cm square at the base.

A dealer in Hawkes Bay contacted me, seeking an identification and valuation of the piece. Email negotiations, including Tony's confirmation of the ID and comments on price, lead to the acceptance of an offer, and Grandmother's safe journey North.

I'd love to learn the whereabouts of any others of the original 16.

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