Friday, 8 January 2010

Beautiful Early Hoglund Bottle

Ola and Marie Hoglund came to New Zealand in 1982, initially to work at Hokitika Glass, before setting up their own studio in Nelson in 1984. They have used their considerable skills, both in glass-making and in marketing, to establish a significant position for themselves in New Zealand glass.

They have always clearly marked their pieces, often with an applied label as well as an engraved signature. This makes their glass easily recognisable, and attractive to collectors who may not recognise unsigned pieces by other early NZ glass artists.

I have several early pieces of their work, the oldest a rather thick and heavy cylindrical vase signed 'Ola Hoglund 1984', and with a printed paper label, black on white, 'Handmade by Ola Hoglund New Zealand'. It's 23.5 cm in height.

I was very pleased recently to add another large and early piece, bought at auction on TradeMe. It also has a printed paper label, this time black with white text 'Handmade by Ola & Marie Hoglund New Zealand', and is signed on the base 'Ola & Marie Hoglund 1986 NZ'. It has a 'post technique' neck, and is 24.5cm high.


  1. Not more glass! I mean how exciting to find such an early piece. Keep up the collecting.

  2. I guess it won't surprise you to know I intend to!

  3. I have a similar shaped vase in blue glass with a label that reads Handmade by OLA HOGLUND New Zealand.
    Engraved on the base is Ola Hoglund 1994.
    It cost me $2.00 at a St. Vincent de Paul shop.
    I am guessing that this was quite a lucky find?

  4. Yes, well spotted, Dalfyre. Not sure which of these you found in blue but $2 is good value. Both of mine have that same label, though mine are a bit earlier than 1994.

  5. oops I should have been more specific, the cylindrical vase, although mine has a slight tapering so that the mouth is narrower than the base.