Monday, 1 February 2010

Chuck Simpson Liked Perforated Glass

The piece I posted yesterday to celebrate the installation of my new glass studio was made by Chuck Simpson in the studio at Inglewood that he operated with his wife Lesley Justin, after Tony Kuepfer moved to Whanganui. It's not dated, but has his full name signature Chuck Simpson. I have another piece, not signed or dated, but again perforated, and I am sure it is Chuck's work.

Chuck of course made a name while he was in New Zealand for the stoush he had over some other perforated pieces with James Mack who was the selector and with the organiser of a national glass exhibition at the Suter Art Gallery in Nelson - but that's another story.

Sadly, both James and Chuck are no longer alive.


  1. A stoush over perforated glass, you say?!
    Don't leave us hanging, we demand details!

  2. See Chucks posthumas Facebook site
    Search Chuck Simpson in Facebook


  4. Chucks glass art is highly collectable, his skill at creating pieces with faultless control and unique style make him one of the best glass blowers ever. Any other opinion is just ignorance and envy.

  5. Hey - a query, I have a Chuck Simpson purple / oil slick coloured vase that measures about 25cm in height, signed and dated 1970 and want to sell it but I have NO IDEA of its value .... could you help me out, roughly?

  6. 1970 sounds very unlikely, I don't think he was making glass then. 1990 sounds much more probable, especially if you acquired it in NZ (rather than Australia). If you care to email me an image or two, I can tell you the sorts of prices I have seen being paid. will reach me.